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Since 1992, Dr. Jeffrey A. Hunt and The Vein and Cosmetic Center of Tampa Bay have been treating leg vein problems for patients in the Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida area. The patient testimonials below can attest to the expertise of Dr. Hunt and his professional staff, and can serve to provide you with a clear indication of the level of commitment our practice gives to each and every patient that visits the Vein and Cosmetic Center. Dr. Hunt can help you get rid of spider veins, varicose veins, and other vein problems with advanced procedures designed to give you exceptional results with minimal downtime.

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  • As a Special Forces (Green Beret) officer in the Army for the past 28 years, I’ve led a very active lifestyle from skydiving to scuba diving, waterskiing to snow skiing, and golfing to triathlons. From my first meeting with Dr. Hunt in 2003, I was impressed. He provides a very thorough explanation of the diagnosis and treatment plan in a manner that is easy to understand and puts you at ease. Having worked for many years in surgical instrument sales, I can honestly say that Dr. Hunt is one of the most professional and trusted doctors I have ever known. His commitment to professional education and staying current on the most modern treatment techniques gives me the confidence to know that I am always receiving the best care possible. Dr. Hunt’s entire staff exudes the same professionalism as he and treats you with a level of professional compassion that is uncommon in today’s society. My TRICARE medical insurance through the military has covered the sclerotherapy treatments for me and my wife with relatively small co-payments, as required by our plan. For the past six years, I have enjoyed pain free legs that were free of any varicose veins. Upon my return from my most recent military deployment to Iraq in December 2010, I had a new varicose vein that appeared in my left knee area. Dr. Hunt and his staff provided an excellent explanation of the venous system and why this particular varicose vein might have occurred. They treated the vein and I am once again, varicose vein free! – John, New Port Richey

  • Just wanted to thank Dr. Hunt and his staff for the great care I received for my varicose veins; I am currently 6 months pregnant and have had NO issues like I did with my first pregnancy in terms of swelling, pain etc. in my legs and feet. I am so happy I had this done and will be back around in the Spring to take care of some spiders/small varicose that have surfaced due to this pregnancy but overall my legs are 110% better this pregnancy than before! Thanks so much!
    ~ Lisa from Lutz, FL

  • Since I was in high school I suffered with varicose veins. I was embarrassed about them and would often not choose to wear shorts. My nephew even told me to wear band aids to cover them. I came to the Vein Center and they treated my veins as well as my spider veins, and now I enjoy wearing shorts and short skirts. I’m not afraid to show my legs. It is such a relief to feel this way after so many years and I’m thankful to the Vein Center. – Michele

  • I would highly recommend Dr. Jeffrey Hunt to anyone that is interested in any vascular procedures. I had painful restless leg syndrome and unsightly varicose veins when I met Dr. Hunt. After just a few painless treatments, my legs look better than ever! Even if you only have spider veins, his caring staff and Dr. Hunt will provide a free consultation and remove them for a fraction of the cost. In addition, you would be surprised what your insurance company will cover. I did my homework! I will also freely admit, I am a fan of fillers, botox and facial pixels, (IPL’s) shall I mention lipo-suction? These and many other cosmetic services are offered in a private setting in his professionally run office. Please call today and make an appointment, you will be thrilled with your experience and I’m certain you will be elated by your lifetime results! I’m one happy customer! – K. Schluchter from Tampa

  • I’ve had huge veins in my legs since the age of 16, and my legs hurt and would swell. I could never run or participate in sports. But now at age 79, I am running races and winning them! Since Dr. Hunt has treated my veins, I don’t have leg problems and I’m full of energy. The treatment is amazing and painless. Thank you, Dr. Hunt, for my good life! – Evelyn from Tampa